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45 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website And To Also Increase Your Sites Backlinks And Exposure

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If your a newbie online and have developed a website for the first time, you are most probably wondering or having trouble advertising it. There are many ways you can get your website advertised on the web and it doesn't always have to cost you money. You can get advertising that you pay for, but there are also a lot of ways that you can get free advertising for your website.

Here is a list of 45 ways that can improve your websites traffic, help you in SEO, build your backlinks and give your site some more exposure:

1. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Write Press Releases and submit them to PRweb and other Press Release sites.

3. Do Link Exchanges with other sites that are on the same subject as yours.

4. Make a freebie and included your sites link on it and then distribute it freely.

5. Write articles about your sites topic and then add your sites link to your authors resource box.

6. Add your site to free and reciprocal web directories.

7. Make some videos and submit them to the larger video sharing sites like Youtube.

8. Take part in social bookmark sites. These can get some good quick traffic (don't spam).

9. Take part in social networking sites. These can get some good quick traffic (don't spam).

10. Pay for direct advertising on sites that are on the same subject as yours.

11. Take part in PPC advertising including Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.

12. Make an affiliate program for your website and let others promote your products where you will then give them a commission for their efforts. If you produce an affiliate program, then making it a two-tier program can also help you promote the affiliate program itself.

13. If you have products that you want to promote, then upload your product datafeed to Froogle as you can have your products promoted freely. Also take part in other product price comparison sites to get even more exposure and traffic for your products.

14. Do viral marketing by producing something with your sites link attached. This thing could be software, a funny video, etc. What ever it is, it must be very entertaining and something that others would want to pass on to their friends.

15. Make sure your site is updated regularly so that your existing visitors will keep returning to your website from time to time.

16. Don't include to many noticeable ads on your site as this can actually decrease the value of your site when it comes to keeping your visitors.

17. Monitor your websites traffic very closely.

18. Participate in different forums that are on the same topic as your site and then include your sites link in your signature (Don't spam).

19. Include your sites link in the signature of any emails that you send to people.

20. Create a blog on the same topic as your website, keep it updated and then ping it.

21. Produce some business cards and get them distributed.

22. Mention your website to your friends and family and ask them to pass it on to others (Word of mouth advertising).

23. Try to do some interesting things on your site so that you can try and get it into the news.

24. Write product reviews for some sites and if you can include your sites link in it, then do so.

25. Offer a competition on your website. This will help in getting your visitors a little more excited and involved with your website. This may also help a little more in the Word of Mouth advertising of your site.

26. Get interviewed by others so they can then hopefully include the interview on their site and your sites link will then be included in it.

27. Take part in banner exchanges.

28. Purchase banner advertising.

29. Do email marketing without spamming.

30. Advertise in offline media.

31. Advertise in offline and online classifieds.

32. Try to do something so that it becomes link bait. This could just be from having some very useful tools on your site.

33. Always offer a good service and put your visitors / customers first. This will help in branding, loyalty and keeping your visitors / customers.

34. Use RSS feeds so that your website users can easily keep up to date of new stuff happening on your website or even use your RSS feeds in their site.

35. Get your website business listed in the telephone directories.

36. Do join ventures.

37. Take part in Yahoo Answers and other similar type of sites.

38. Take part in Yahoo and Google Groups plus other similar things.

39. Review sites within the same niche as yours on Alexa and other similar sites.

40. Leave testimonials if you have brought something and include your sites link somewhere within it.

41. Hire someone to help you in your sites promotion. The more you do the quicker your traffic will grow including your sites popularity and branding.

42. Become a sponsor and get your link listed on the site that you sponsor.

43. Release a Firefox extension that will help bring people to your website.

44. If you have images on your website and would like to get some exposure from them, then make sure they get into the image search engines as this can also get you some good traffic.

45. Get your own top-level domain so that your site looks more professional and trustworthy to your visitor / customer.

If you want to use this article on your website, in your newsletter or anywhere else on the Internet, then you can only link to the article and not re-publish it. If you wish to link to the article, here is the html linking code:

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