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Increasing Website Traffic Through Keywords

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Setting up a website may be easy but getting people to visit it isn't. Just like a regular store, you must spark people's interest for them to come in and for them to make a purchase. With a store, this is achieved through creativity in the window display and through different marketing techniques. The page rank is the equivalent of the store's window display for websites. The better your page rank is, the better the chances of people finding it and actually visiting it. The more traffic you get on your website the higher your sales will be!

Search engines like Google and Yahoo, use different algorithms to determine page ranking. Aside from link popularity one of the most common methods used in determining page rank is through text-matching. With text-matching, valid keywords placed within the articles in the website will increase your page rank.

Search engine "bots" will study the keywords and the links to your website and will rank your page. Websites with high page ranks generally get more hits than websites with lower page ranks. More visitors mean more opportunities to make a sale. Who will ever buy from your site if no one "sees" it?

Of course the most important thing is for you to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means you get people genuinely interested in your products and services to visit you. To get targeted traffic, aside from building a good network of links pointing to your site, you must also have keywords that search engines will pick up with their search. Website optimization through keywords is one of the better ways to get targeted traffic. Keywords help in getting the right people to visit your site.

Using just any keyword will not help you get more traffic. Generic keywords like "shoes" are used in millions of website so make sure you use more specific keywords that are relevant to your website. There are several software available in the market to track the number of times a keyword has been used. You can use these software to your advantage. Do not overuse keywords. Search engines ignore websites when keywords are overused. Usually, keywords should be not more than 3% of the article's total text.

Keywords must not be forced into the articles. The best keywords are those that are relevant to your website and also those that come naturally in the flow of the article. Making sure keywords are well placed will not only increase your page rank, it will also make your website appear professional.

Put relevant links pointing to other websites from the keywords in the article. Work on getting back links too. Just make sure that the websites you request links from are all related to your website. A combination of valid links and keywords will help you get maximum traffic for your online store. Also, make sure you have an interesting and good website and great products so that people will keep coming back. Getting a good page rank is no help if you have bad products.

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