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SEO Marketing 101: The Basic Concepts

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With millions of people around the globe preferring the Internet as the tool by which they get information, SEO marketing is deemed to be one of the most useful and effective method of promoting consumer awareness for one's products and services.

But even if consumers turn to the Internet for information, you should not expect an increase in sales just because you have just setup a website for your business as you still have to attract Internet users and potential consumers to visit your website.

This is why business website owners should be informed of the strategies and techniques that will help their websites generate Internet user traffic that will help in jacking up their sales. These strategies and techniques are collectively known as SEO marketing.

To understand SEO marketing we must first know and understand its two elements, which is obviously SEO which stands for search engine optimization and of course, marketing.

Search engine optimization came about when search engines emerged as the only means by which almost all of the Internet users get their information from the Internet. With search engines as the ultimate gateway of Internet information for most users, then it is just logical that if a website wants to attract visitors then it must find ways to figure prominently in the search engine rankings.

This thinking gave birth to SEO or search engine optimization which is a collective term used to denote the strategies and tactics employed by website owners to increase their website's ranking in the search engines.

These tactics include but are not limited to: effective keyword placement which involves the use of frequently searches keywords in one's website, link optimization which involves the utilization of links to stimulate user-generated traffic further and the complete overhaul of the overall design and architecture of the website.

The other component of SEO marketing is the marketing aspect itself. Marketing basically refers to the process or the technique by which a product or service is promoted, sold or distributed.

SEO marketing can then be understood as an amalgamation of both basic principles of SEO and marketing. In a nutshell, SEO marketing is catch-all term referring to all search engine optimization techniques that will help for the promotion of a product or service.

SEO marketing is simply the ways and means a business website owner does to gain higher rankings in the search engines resulting in an influx of user generated traffic which in turn will be converted into sales and consumer awareness for the website owner's products or services.

It is imperative for any business website owner to be informed of the basic concepts of SEO marketing particularly its two components, namely SEO and marketing as knowledge of this online marketing strategy will aid one's business to cope with our ever changing technological world.

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