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Freebies Affiliate / CPA Network Offers

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Offer Name & Offer PreviewPayoutTypeCountryCategoryNetworkDate Added
War2Glory - EN$1.00cpa US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, NO, FI, DK, NL EntertainmentVanceAd Network2014-02-06
WarFace - Brazil$0.40cpa BR EntertainmentVanceAd Network2014-02-06
Panzar Game - SOI - UK$2.00cpa UK Entertainment, SocialVanceAd Network2014-01-31
Drachenkrieger - SOI - DACH$2.00cpa AT, DE, CH EntertainmentVanceAd Network2014-01-28
Blood and Jade Game - SOI - US CA AU SG UK$1.25cpa US, UK, AU, SG Entertainment, SocialVanceAd Network2014-01-28
League of Angels Game - SOI - US CA SG AU UK$2.00cpa US, CA, AU, UK, SG EntertainmentVanceAd Network2014-01-28
Panzar - SOI - PL$1.10cpa PL Entertainment, SocialVanceAd Network2014-01-22
Future Torpia Game - SOI - DACH$1.75cpa DE, AT, CH EntertainmentVanceAd Network2014-01-21
The Trader in Pajamas - CPL$1.50cpa AE, UK, US, CA, AU, AT, BE, DK, FO, FI, FR, DE, GL, IS, IT, ...VanceAd Network2013-12-31
Kings Empire - iOS - CA AU UK DE FR RU US$1.90cpa CA, AU, UK, US, DK, FR, RU Entertainment, MobileVanceAd Network2013-12-29
DragonCity iPhone - US$2.75cpa US Entertainment, MobileVanceAd Network2013-12-29
Dragons of Atlantis - Android - AU LU NO SE IE SG$3.00cpa LU, NO, AU, SG, IE, SE Entertainment, MobileVanceAd Network2013-12-29
4 Story Game - SOI - UK IE DK FI NO NL SE$1.50cpa UK, IE, DK, FI, NZ, NO, SE Entertainment, InternationalVanceAd Network2013-12-25
SegaKara - Android- Mobile Optimized - CPI - Japan$2.40cpa JP Entertainment, MobileVanceAd Network2013-12-25
Dragon Pals Game - SOI - FR CA BE LU CH AT$1.00cpa FR, CA, BE, LU, AT, CH EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-12-25
FaceBook Friend Alert Download - Incent$0.50cpa IE Incentive, Social, DownloadsVanceAd Network2013-12-11 - Spain - ES$11.00cpa ES IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Gameduell - Incent$18.00cpa US Entertainment, IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Zoombucks Jewelry - Incent$5.25cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Gardening Made Easy - Incent$12.00cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
CreditScorePro - Incent$12.50cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Scrabble V2 - Incent$1.25cpa US Incentive, DownloadsVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries - Incent$9.00cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-12-11
Web2Carz - Auto Loans - USA$4.75cpa US FinanceVanceAd Network2013-11-30
YouMeets - Web - France$2.75cpa FR DatingVanceAd Network2013-11-30
Fastest Cash Loans - Search - US$42.00cpa US FinanceVanceAd Network2013-11-30
Forbrugerpost - Buy 25 Coffee Capsules Get 25 Only €5! - Incent - ES$8.00cpa ES IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
WhatSheHastoSay: New Year New You Makeover - Incent$2.20cpa US SurveyVanceAd Network2013-11-28
Forbrugerpost - Buy 25 Coffee Capsules Get 25 Only €5! - Incent - FR$8.00cpa FR IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
Wildlife Explorer - Only $7.95 Incentive$12.00cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
My Lands UK (SOI)$2.00cpa UK VanceAd Network2013-11-28
Chaos Rage Game SOI - US CA$1.00cpa US, CA EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-28
My Lands DE (SOI)$2.00cpa DE EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-28
BiDWiZ - France - Incent$18.00cpa FR IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
Elmo’s Learning Adventures - Incent$9.00cpa US IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
I Love Your Attitude - France - FB app$0.10cpa FR SocialVanceAd Network2013-11-28
Forbrugerpost - Buy 25 Coffee Capsules Get 25 Only €5! - Incent - IT$8.00cpa IT IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-11-28
Vacation Deals - CPS$15.00cpa US Entertainment, Seasonal, SocialVanceAd Network2013-11-23
Stronghold Kingdoms - US UK$1.25cpa UK, US EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-20
Runes of Magic - FR$1.75cpa FR EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-20
Shakes & Fidget - FR$4.00cpa FR EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-20
World of Warplanes - UK IE- DOI$2.10cpa IE, UK EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-11-20
Anno Online - UK - Nordics$2.25cpa UK, FI, SE, NO Entertainment, FreebiesVanceAd Network2013-11-13
Coupon Xplorer Chrome - US$3.50cpa US DownloadsVanceAd Network2013-10-31
Combat Arms - BR$0.30cpa BR Entertainment, DownloadsVanceAd Network2013-10-29
Dark Orbit - FR$2.00cpa FR EntertainmentVanceAd Network2013-10-29
Swords and Potions 2 - US$1.50cpa US Entertainment, SocialVanceAd Network2013-10-29
Mission Against Terror - Turkey$0.50cpa TR Entertainment, Social, DownloadsVanceAd Network2013-10-29
Donkey Kong - Incent - US$1.25cpa US Entertainment, IncentiveVanceAd Network2013-10-26
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