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Affiliate / CPA Network Offers

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Offer Name & Offer PreviewPayoutTypeCountryCategoryNetworkDate Added
Consumer Expressions: Holiday Airfare$1.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-10-29
Bigbuck Surveys: $3500 Black Friday Shopping$1.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-10-29
Opinion Outpost - GBR$1.65CPA UK Panthera Network2011-10-28
EXCLUSIVE: Fishpoll - First Job$0.80CPA US Panthera Network2011-10-26
Vindale Research (Incent)$0.30CPA US Panthera Network2011-10-21
Coupon Queen - GBR$1.40CPA UK Panthera Network2011-10-14
CashDazzle$1.10CPA US Panthera Network2011-10-08
Mommy Page$1.00CPA US Panthera Network2011-09-23 Amazon Vouchers - GBR$1.45CPA UK Panthera Network2011-09-20
Global Test Market Panel - NZL$2.65CPA NZ (aotearoa) Panthera Network2011-09-17
FreeStuffMyWay - NZL$1.30CPA NZ (aotearoa) Panthera Network2011-09-15
FreeStuffMyWay - AUS$2.40CPA AU Panthera Network2011-09-15
Points2Shop$1.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-09-09
Winning Surveys: Football Fan$1.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-09-07
Consumer Expressions: Baby Products$1.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-09-07
Get Me A Ticket (Xbox Kinect) - GBR$1.10CPA UK Panthera Network2011-08-27
Shopping Jobs$2.80CPA US Panthera Network2011-08-20 Walkers Crisps - GBR$1.45CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-23
Horizon Gold Card (1 Page)$2.40CPA US Panthera Network2011-07-22
Zip Submit: Zbuyer$3.60CPA US Panthera Network2011-07-22
Opinion World - SGP$2.10CPA SG Panthera Network2011-07-19
FreeLotto Tier 1 - GBR, AUS, CAN, NZL, ZAF$0.60CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-08
Nielsen NetRatings - GBR$7.00CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-06
Springboard America$2.25CPA US Panthera Network2011-07-05
Springboard Panel (Gen Pop) - GBR$3.60CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-05 Super Drugs - GBR$1.45CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-02 Toys R Us - GBR$1.45CPA UK Panthera Network2011-07-02
Free Choice - AUS$2.30CPA AU Panthera Network2011-07-01
Free Choice - MYS$0.40CPA MY Panthera Network2011-07-01
MyOffers: Win an iPad 2 (Incent) - GBR$1.00CPA UK Panthera Network2011-06-29
MyOffers: Win an iPad 2 - GBR$1.35CPA UK Panthera Network2011-06-29
Samplicious Daily Survey Router$1.50CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
Dream Horoscope (Email)$0.80CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
iPoll - CAN$0.90CPA CA Panthera Network2011-06-28
Recipe Lion Free eCookbook - USA, CAN$0.25CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
EXCLUSIVE: GiveUsYour2Cents - GBR$1.10CPA UK Panthera Network2011-06-28
EXCLUSIVE: GiveUsYour2Cents - NLD$0.90CPA NL Panthera Network2011-06-28
MindsPay Panel$2.40CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
Panel Place - SGP$1.25CPA SG Panthera Network2011-06-28
EXCLUSIVE: GiveUsYour2Cents - ESP$0.95CPA ES Panthera Network2011-06-28
Nielsen Homescan - CAN$6.40CPA CA Panthera Network2011-06-28
Toluna Opinions - CAN$2.80CPA CA Panthera Network2011-06-28
Everyday Family$1.60CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
Ola Prizes - AUS$1.50CPA AU Panthera Network2011-06-28
MySurvey Panel$3.20CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
Paul's Opportunity$2.80CPA US Panthera Network2011-06-28
MySurvey Panel - AUS$3.20CPA AU Panthera Network2011-06-28
EXCLUSIVE: GiveUsYour2Cents - DEU$1.00CPA DE Panthera Network2011-06-28
BingoLiner - AUS$7.00CPA AU Panthera Network2011-06-28
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