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Old 05-30-2011, 07:53 AM
zuozuo zuozuo is offline
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Default Use baidu know outside doing chain of practical experience and some experiences

Although do SEO quite some time ago, but there are many methods and technical problems are have no contact with, such as using baidu know outside doing chain. Use baidu know this platform is mainly used for the attention of their products baidu to the construction of the chain, and we do around baidu promotion, SEO optimization choose baidu own platform to outside doing chain nature is better choice, your products weight aspects must have no say, this method is our operation in for SEO when outside that are often used the construction method, because his chain has not take the time to actual operation, despite online is everywhere this experience sharing articles, but I think any kind of method again good only yourself to tried to know whether XiaoJun for their effective, through his under paragraph of time use baidu know to do the practical experience of the chain with result and share exchange.

First is bound to have baidu know account, I registered the baidu several years ago, but hasn't been account how used, and till now account level just also level 4, but according to the articles online share said level 4 can send links, hence I registered the new account again comparison operations.
1, new registered account cannot directly hair links.
I use new registered accounts in answering questions in addition to text content to attach a url, I think it also we in this platform outside doing chain's of the most commonly used mode. If it is only reply text content can through, but as long as in the comments after add link submitted will enter audit state, will show that shown in the photo below.

Generally appear this kind of circumstance answer never shows, at least I recently this time appear this tip answer never show, don't know whether this situation? Answer is invalid said, experienced friends can exchange remind. Of course this is generally appear in front of the added in reply to your own website links are links, if the other platform with baidu links like baidu stick address, though it is a new registered account can also submitted to success. But in reply content to join baidu link submitted to revise the answer again after the success of adding their own links, resubmit can still display after the above are automatically submit prompt, this means that the answer the second submit showed very hard also. In the same way, only post text content is not appear this kind of circumstance, of course, obvious AD content don't know, because I didn't do it.

2, have certain levels of account can post a link, but success number have restrictions.
Although the natural level higher in answering questions to join their links and relatively easy to submit success, but success number is limited, online someone said the best day don't send five times, I use my level 4 accounts to send chain connect first soon submitted, but it showed that the second to hair will tip automatically submit, explain the second submit didn't succeed, and continuous belt link operation words will enter automatically submit.

Three, use some special link format to answer success rate, but want right amount to submit.
May use baidu know this platform outside doing chain more friends may appear because too many links to release the closure caused account, also have friends or even says he is in baidu know inside hair caused by excessive website links came right even the phenomenon such as K, whether or not so I also temporarily unknown, because I just heard without their targeted practice, this is like some people often receives baidu promotion service telephone consultation promotion matters, after refusing to say after the problem websites appear problem, then on to baidu unshirkable appear people often say baidu human intervention, actually I also received the call, I also declined, but my site hasn't released problem.
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Old 06-12-2011, 04:51 AM
schwa's Avatar
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Why do you post thread on Baidu here??? It seems you make a mistake!
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