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putting all my webpages into the body of my main wepage.

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  • putting all my webpages into the body of my main wepage.

    What I"m trying to do doesn't seem like it should be that hard to do but I'm having a hard time finding out how to do this. I've had a personal webpage for about 5 year now and uses very basic html code. I'm a noob at making webpages but have managed to teach myself the basic. I am now trying to redo my website and make it more attractive and use some more advanced features of website creation.

    One thing that I am trying to do is this....

    On the left of my screen i have a menu that link around my website, in the middle i have the body of the website that displays everything and on the left i have a column that displays ads and stuff.

    What I would like to do is when someone clicks on one of the links in my menu on the left, instead of realoading a whole new page, I'd just like the body of my website to reload with the new information.

    My previous site was very basic and used frames but it managed to do this task very well. I'd have the menu in one frame and the body of my website in another frame and when someone clicked on a menu link it would load up in the frame withe the body of my website.

    Frames seem to be a thing of the past so I'd like to achieve this effect without using frames.

    Thank you for your time.