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Which is best Cms??

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  • Which is best Cms??

    I looking for best cms software. I heard about wordpress,joomla and drupal but i am very confuse? where to go?
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    It depends very much on what is your site about.

    What are you planning to do?

    Either Wordpress and Joomla are good CMS.
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      We've had good luck with Drupal and Wordpress but it does matter what you are trying to do.
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        Drupal was the choice of some of the best awards among its peers. Drupal won the CNET 2008 Webware awards in publishing category and also the Packt Publishing’s 2008 - Best Open Source Content Management System.

        The biggest advantage of using Drupal is its highly involved and growing community of developers and contributors which keeps it going. Owning to the active Drupal community, it is very easy to find new and contributed modules, patches to bugs find in the system and subsequent documentation.
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          i would build your own...use the kiss idea and build up on it as you wish....thats if your a programmer...


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              Wordpress seems to be the most popular one. However, I use Drupal.


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                That depends on your need, if you have slow speed internet connection u can use drupal because it is light weight

                other wide wordpress full fill all the needs and lots of addons and themes freely available to customize and optimized your blog



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                  all cms have builiten seo...some want plugins also,
                  but as far as an easy cms is concrened.. nothing compares to wordpress.
                  its matt cutts favourite tool.


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                    I agree with the previous posts that what CMS to choose is primarily depends on the purpose of your website.
                    Wordpress - for blogging.
                    Magento - perfect for online store.
                    eCommerce - for online store (but magento is better).
                    Joomla is good, suits well for corporate website, but as for me it is stupid , I hate the structure it is built on (it's my personal opinion!!!).
                    Drupal - excellent for corporate, personal websites, very logical with intuitive admin panel.
                    * * *
                    There are also so called website builders - web applications that allows creating, editing and maintaining powerful websites without programming skills.
                    For example, website builder from Site2You ( - one of the fast and effective ways to create website in short terms.

                    You may try a free trial to test all its opportunities.

                    If you decide to use some website builder, dont waste your time on free ones. It's real shit.

                    Good luck!


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                      all are best

                      but it depends on your requirement.
                      you have to decide by yourself.
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                        I've recently discovered Persh ( Great for those small, simple sites that just need stuff changing here and there. Stuff like Drupal and Joomla (Oh, how I hate Joomla!) are often just too complex for a straightforward site.


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                          We could help you with what exactly you need if you tell us what you are trying to do.

                          However, I think Linx answer is a great help for consideration on which to use on your website.
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                            I think wordpress is the best cms software, it is so powerful.So many plugin.
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                              For CMS if you want a powerful one then stick with joomla. I have seen that it has lots of features, addons and it is possible to customize it just the way you need it. But do not think that it is easy to do this with joomla as it can be very complicated at times. You will have to spend weeks learning joomla and its customization.
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