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  • google adsense disabled

    I thought I will share some information to other publishers using google adsense. Because Adsense has been canceled I can discuss it is detailes. As many people received e-mail from google mine has been canceled due to illegal clicks which I have not personally generated nor hired anybody to do this. One day it just happened an I noticed that I was receiving 4,000 click that day. But before anything I usually got 230 clicks per day which resulted in around $250 a day. Now that day I have somehow received 4,000 clicks, but I made only 213 that day. I try to call google, by the way don't even bother becasue they don't have any live support nor they will help you on the phone. The only way is to go to google adsense page and click on support and fill out their request page. Untill they get back to you, well it takes time. They told me that the re-checked my account and confirmed illegal clicks therefore to prtoect their adwords advertisers they just shut it down. So there is no way of getting your accounts back. So stuff like this happenes, I think when you notice a high increase it is better to contact google right away to let them know, otherwise they just shut you down easily without any questions. I think google needs to step up and create some kinf of protection for innocent adsense publishers. Maybe my competition didn't like me and they strt clicking on my ads or personally I have no idea what happened. I didn't see any increase in my traffic, but somehow clicks came from who knows where. The only thing is that I made $213 the day I got those 4,000 clicks. My site was real estate relared and I know that people pay big buck for adwords in real estate field. So if I got those 4,000 clicks..I should be getting more..right?..Well I only got $213, so maybe google screw up..just like to blame innicent adsense advertisers. Your thoughts?
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    May some one clicked on your ads who is you enemy