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Debt Settlement leads needed

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  • Debt Settlement leads needed

    I have been in the debt settlement industry for 6 years now. I work part time under my own LLC selling debt settlement. As affiliates, would any of you be interested in a pay-per-sale payout of 1-5% of the debt amount?

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    `Pay per sale affiliate program from 123 Live Leads.

    Hello from 123 Live Leads,

    We do offer a TRUE joint venture agreement.

    The commission split is higher than your post suggested.

    I am sure you would agree.

    It is hard to find a good debt settlement lead broker.

    123 Live Leads has been in business since 1998.

    That shows we are here to stay.

    Cost options on quality debt leads:

    Live Transfer Double Qualified Lead: $35.00 Each

    Internet Exclusive Real Time Lead: $25.00 Each

    Call Center Qualified Appointment Set Lead: $19.00 Each

    Internet Semi Lead (24 - 48 Hours Old): $9.00 Each

    Internet Aged Leads 10-20 Days Old: $4.99 Each

    Internet Aged True 30 Days Old: 89 cents each

    Debt Settlement Trigger Leads: 29 Cents Each

    **New joint venture program below:**

    Call Center Option: Pay only cost of $12.00 per hour

    We provide the data, auto dialers, and aggressive agents.

    Leads are sent real time or live transfer to your office.

    Cost: 12.00 per hour with a 20 hour minimum purchase

    Split: We ask for only 20% of the entire profit upon closing.

    Thanks again from 123 Live Leads.

    Your internet lead and affiliate program provider.
    Mr. Daniel Shaw
    Free Samples Upon Request


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      Hello and Happy New Year!

      Join the "BLUE CHIP" leads program at TriAd. Like "blue chip" stocks this program is for serious debt settlement companies.

      I deal only with CEO's and Business Owners and provide them with a reliable, high quality, consistent lead source. We generate via search; thousands of leads everyday from our SEASONED website that has been online for years. A quick "whois" domain name search will prove our seniority and time spent in the field. It's easy to see why the biggest debt settlement and tax debt companies in the country buy hundreds of leads from us everyday and have been for years. Most fly-by-night lead generation companies in the business have all sorts of gimmicks. TriAd on the other hand has staked it's "ivy league" reputation in the business on integrity, and delivering a real product. This company was built on generating leads for the Educational sector. For over 7 years we have generated leads for prestigious universities like Notre dame, Villanova, University of Phoenix and more. Today we bring the same "white glove" service and philosophy to our debt settlement and tax debt settlement verticals.

      If you're in the market for high quality debt settlement or tax debt leads, and you're a CEO or the Business Owner; contact me. You'll be in good company with a number of other players in the business, and I'm not afraid to have my clients testify.


      Benjamin J. Carey
      TriAd Media Solutions


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        Hello! Debtsales, I hope you are enjoying with your hard work. Let me know the procedure in details.

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          All debt leads are not equal.

          Hello from 123 Live Leads,

          We do agree with this topic.

          You need a good lead source.

          Our leads are search engine derived.

          Meaning the customer actually searched for "debt settlement".

          New Real Time Semi Exclusive Leads from: $14.00 each

          24-48 hour semi exclusive leads from: $9.00 each

          30 day aged opt in debt leads from: .79 cents each

          Thank you again from 123 Live Leads.
          Mr. Daniel Shaw
          Free Samples Upon Request


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            Good information shared , difficult to decide .
            Prakask the Great
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              We provide very attractive leads in the industry. Not only Debt settlement leads but also payday loan leads. Our Customers search online for "debt settlement" or "debt settling company". Our leads are from .50 - $11.00 a lead. Real Time Semi Exclusive Leads will cost you about $11.00. Some other leads from $7.00 a lead, depending on how many you buy, we can sell it for $6.00 a lead. PM me if you are interested. We are in business of buying and selling leads.


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                good opportunity .i would like to work if it is pay per lead. present i am working for t3leads
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                  Hello, I am a representative of the company called Clever&Simple Solutions.
                  I will not be advertising on that we generate leads of the highest quality. NO! As for us, we may never tell humans behavior and know how many forms have they filled out. That is why we consider Exclusive Leads to be those leads that we send only to you, furthermore we have an experience in Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation (more then 5 years) that is why we know how hard it is to receive leads that have the closing ratio more then 10%. We know exactly how to validate all incoming leads. We know exactly what Debt Management companies need, that is why we provide plans on receiving your leads based on your conditions.

                  IF you would like to know more you visit us at
                  CS -solutions- Follow our Blog


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                    `Debt leads from the source

                    Generating over 9,000 opt in debt leads per week.

                    Need a home for aged 30 day and semi exclusives.

                    Contact Daniel at number below.

                    Also generating debt,credit,mods,diabetic,etc..

                    Mr. Daniel Shaw
                    Free Samples Upon Request


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                      Originally posted by DebtSales View Post
                      I have been in the debt settlement industry for 6 years now. I work part time under my own LLC selling debt settlement. As affiliates, would any of you be interested in a pay-per-sale payout of 1-5% of the debt amount?
                      Apologies, I'm not interested in an affiliate relationship, but I have a very relevant site which might accept your ad.

                      The site has a free online bookkeeping service, and about 1,000+ pages of articles about money management issues. I probably shouldn't post the link here, would welcome a PM.
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                        Selling My Database

                        I am leaving the lead generation business and want to sell my entire database of debt settlement leads to the highest bidder. I am only looking to get pennies on the dollar so first come first serve. They are excellent leads many of them were live transfers. Please call me to dicuss 561-634-1440


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                            In many cases, the structure will guarantee payments to the benficiaries for many decades. A good attorney will find a top quality structure broker who will be able to find such a structure, and take full advantage by securing a rated life expectancy.


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                              I would like to thank you for some of the useful Debt information you shared. Informative with great work.