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Three dimensions of successful AdSense integration

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Google is a perfect partner for new affiliate marketers who want to earn immediately after having their sites run online. With its AdSense program, affiliates can easily integrate their ads on their sites to start earning a commission or revenue. Making this venture successful, however, is not an easy thing to do. It demands marketers to improve their site's performance or traffic by implementing several online marketing strategies.

There are three dimensions of success in integrating AdSense ads on affiliate sites. These should be known by marketers before filling Google AdSense's online application form to help them know better what to do on their sites and how to market them. If you are one of the marketers, you can successful earnings from Google AdSense is identified by the number of impressions times click-through rate (CTR) times cost per click (CPC). If your total revenue reached or surpassed the figures you came to expect, then it means a great online achievement.

Google AdSense ads are contextual - meaning, the text links that appear is relative. It depends on the content found on a specific web page where the AdSense ad is incorporated. Because of this, you can be sure that you are showing the most relevant ads to your website visitors.

Let us thoroughly check the three dimensions that influence the success or failure of Google AdSense campaign.

By Impressions

In affiliate marketing, impression refers to the number of people who actually see the merchant's ad on the web page - in other terms, the number of page views. The concept of impressions is tantamount to site traffic. The greater the volume of traffic generated and website exposure, the higher the chances of gaining a lot of clicks from AdSense ads.

To improve your site's impressions, you may implement several effective techniques deemed by many experienced marketers: article submissions, search engine optimizations (SEO), and links exchange.

Article submissions are done by uploading well-written, original articles to free articles sites (e.g., e-zine). The topics written intentionally match or relate the affiliate marketer's website theme for them to recommend their affiliate site by presenting a link at the end of the article. By doing such, they are doing free advertisement on other sites, which could potentially be a great source of traffic and customers.

Search engine optimizations or SEO, is a technique to improve search engine rankings. Since most online customers or visitors are likely come from search engine results, it is therefore significant to make procedures in improving such.

Link exchange, on the other hand, is done between webmasters to exchange links with one another. Having your site's link on other related sites may improve your traffic. The more popular your link is on the Web, the better the traffic your site acquires.

By Click-Through Rate

The percentage of people who clicked the AdSense ads over the total number of impressions determines the click-through rate (CTR). In Google AdSense program, higher CTR actually means more earnings. So for example, if your website has 100 unique visitors a day and 20 of them click on the AdSense links, you would have a CTR of 20%. The CTR must be one you must strive for.

To attain higher CTR, you should strategically place the AdSense ads on most appropriate and conspicuous portion of the webpage, as long as it does not destroy your layout.

By Cost Per Click

Cost per click (CPC) is beyond your control out of the three dimensions. This determines the value of clicks rendered by the visiting users. Depending on your topic, some clicks worth few dollars, others worth only few cents.

Improving cost per click is not applicable if you already have an existing affiliate site. On-going rates of CPC must be determined prior to site building to identify which topic is more viable.

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