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What not to do in affiliate marketing

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If you are aiming for greater revenue in affiliate marketing, then you must adhere to the traditional rules of the business and obey its do's and dont's. Every affiliate marketer dreams to be successful; unfortunately though, not everyone succeeds. The term "success" in affiliate marketing refers to greater site traffic, which translates to higher sales, revenues and commissions that parallel the effort and time exerted by the marketer or the merchant. Though the online marketing concept is simply referring visitors to do something or purchase an item on merchants' sites, huge profits cannot be easily achieved overnight.

Generally speaking, in order for merchants and affiliates to succeed in affiliate marketing, the only thing they need to do is to work hard, work hard and work hard. Research and formulate marketing tactics, participate in forums and learn from experienced marketers, and most importantly, do not easily get discouraged of the failing sides of the business. Success in this business is not based on how much luck you have, but it depends on how well do you play (i.e., how much time, effort and management you give).

This article is written to enlighten you with things you should not do in affiliate marketing, whether you are an aspiring affiliate marketer or already a publisher, or a business merchant. This is to emphasize that there are absolutely no shortcuts towards easy money in affiliate marketing. While some of the ideas below are tempting to defy, they present guidelines about the potential risks and problems that could be difficult to reverse later. In serious cases, they can even pull down your online business if you fail to come up with informed decisions.

Do not rush

One of the greatest mistakes to commit in affiliate marketing (and any other business) is getting into the game without even knowing its mechanics. This applies to both marketers and advertisers. Many people who invest quickly without conducting thorough research and analysis of the business system (for example, knowing what affiliate programs are) usually fail and find themselves in no direction after taking initial steps.

Do not deceive your visitors

Never ever trick your visitors by giving them exaggerating product reviews and specifications. Though some marketers claim that it may sometimes work in convincing readers to buy a product, it has adverse long-term effects to your business. Customers who bought the wrong products because of your recommendations may completely lose their trust to your affiliate site and you. It is important to note that customer's trust is one of the major determinants of successful affiliate marketing.

Avoid using fraudulent tools

If you want to maintain acceptable long-term revenues, do not use fraudulent tools such as spyware and other notorious software. The use of such poses risks to both affiliates and merchants because it can lower reputation and revenues. While some affiliate websites suggest script cloaking techniques to boost traffic or conversion rates, you may get banned from search engines or suspended by your merchant partner if you are caught cheating.

Do not copy

Piracy is a crime, so is plagiarism. Be sure to write unique articles and other contents to your affiliate site. Do not just make "copy and paste" of other site's contents and post them to yours unless you want to face a lawsuit. Genuine written contents help push search engine rankings and site traffic thus increasing the chance of getting bigger revenues.

Do not overdo

When creating your website, whether it is a niche site or something else, do not overdo your design. Too much banners or links may look cluttered and unprofessional. It may also slowdown page loading times that turnoff some web consumers. If you are a marketer, do not sign up to many affiliate programs offered by different merchants. Join only those merchants who sell related products that you are credible to promote or recommend. If you want to overdo something, target your site's contents.

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