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Webmaster Affiliate Programs Guide

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Many webmasters want to make money out of their web sites. One way to do this is by joining affiliate programs. In an affiliate program, a webmaster displays links to a merchant's site for visitors and gets referral/sales commissions. This sounds great. But first you need to make a web site suitable for this. We'll show you how to make such a site.

When making a web site with affiliate programs in mind, follow these guidelines:

- CHOOSE A TOPIC YOU LIKE. What are your interests and hobbies? What are you familiar with? It's useless for a webmaster to run a site about something profitable which they don't really care about. A labor of love and enjoyment always gives the best results.

- THE TOPIC MUST BE POPULAR. If it's popular, people will visit your web site. But popular isn't enough. It must be the kind of topic that would generate interest all year round. If it's about Christmas decoration, you can't expect a lot of hits all the time.

- THE TOPIC MUST BE PROFITABLE. Free ebooks are popular. But you can't make money out of them. Even if people buy ebooks, they are easily copied and pirated.

- THE WEB SITE MUST OFFER SOMETHING UNIQUE ABOUT THE TOPIC. If you offer the same thing as www.bigbusinesswebsite.web only on a smaller scale, you're wasting your time as webmaster.

- USE KEYWORD TOOLS AND SEO. Use keyword suggestion tools to find out what the most popular keywords are for your chosen topic. Don't forget about misspelled words. When you've picked your keywords, use them in your HTML and META codes and in your web pages.

- MAKE A BLOG. Blogs have been known to increase the revenue of ecommerce sites. Update your blog often to get better page-ranking.

How do you choose an affiliate program?

As a webmaster, you must think as your visitors to answer this question. Ask yourself, "If I was surfing about this topic, what would I be willing to spend money on?"

Once you know, choose a program that can best deliver these goods. For example, if your topic is portrait drawing, it might be profitable to sell portrait drawing and human anatomy books on your web site.

How many affiliate programs should a webmaster join?

These are somewhat like bank accounts. When you're just starting out, it's not a good idea to have too many. Learn to manage one before adding more.

Besides, affiliate programs have a minimum payout. If you join several and divide your advertising pages among them, it'll take you too long to reach the minimum payout for each one. So you wait longer to get paid.

What's more, too many affiliate programs and banners can make your site look cluttered and too commercialized. So be a neat webmaster and stick to one for a while.

Affiliate programs differ in commission rates and pay schemes. Ask other webmasters what they recommend; better yet, do it yourself and learn through experience.

How does a webmaster know what to sell?

Choose them all yourself. For every page, select the most fitting products to sell. For an article about drawing the human hand, you can display a book about drawing the human hands! Makes sense, doesn't it?

Finally, be realistic in your expectations. You can't get rich overnight. But as cheap as web hosting can get now, there's no reason why you can't make decent money out of affiliate programs if you follow these instructions. We hope these tips will help you.

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